Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Take my virginity. Please.

So I dreamt last night that I was given the job of taking a friend's virginity. Funny though, the friend who played the virgin in my dream is married with a kid. Of all the people I know, his virginity is the least questionable.

In the dream, I joined some sort of artists' community. And in the community, there was a job up for grabs. Not a paying job, but one of those public service jobs like when neighbors volunteer for anti-crime watches or the old-style matchmaker who got paid not by salary but in community good will and free food and reciprocal services. That kind of job. And I was new to the community and there was this job opening and everyone was expected to serve the community in some way other than just as an artist. So it fell to me to deflower this man who'd come of age. But the part of the dream that I found most interesting was that there was no stigma against this. I was viewed and treated by the community as someone who was doing it a valuable service. And I got along fine with the virgin; there wasn't any embarrassment or shyness about our impending union. Also, my job wasn't done just at deflowering, it was done when he also had become good with and confident about sex. The implication, though it didn't play out in the dream, was that we'd be together several more times.

This particular job didn't preclude me from my other roles in the community. But I just can't remember what those were.

I have my theories on what this dream meant, but I'm gonna let ya'll jump to your own conclusions.

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