Friday, May 12, 2006


I AM: what I am.
I WANT: to lose 4 inches of fat from my waist and belly.
I WISH: for a year off.
I HATE: arrogance and willful blindness. But generally, hate’s a waste of time.
I MISS: the playfulness of youth. But not its naivete.
I FEAR: dark shadows and suspect noises when I’m alone in the house.
I HEAR: too little silence.
I WONDER: if I’ll ever free myself from childhood induced anxieties.
I REGRET: my limited ability to love.
I AM NOT: an animal.
I DANCE: self-conciously, unless I’ve had a few.
I SING: songs from the set list of my imaginary lounge act.
I CRY: at movies. All of them. Even the funny ones. Sometimes, even during previews.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: anything. Too changeable.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a safe place to seek comfort.
I WRITE: compulsively.
I CONFUSE: jumbalaya and gumbo.


Nick ( ) said...

I AM: A soul looking to redeem himself
I WANT: To be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams
I WISH: To not be a punching bag for people
I HATE: Double Standards
I MISS: Kind Souls I've met
I FEAR: Failure and Rejection
I HEAR: Annoying crap that doesn't matter to me
I WONDER: If there is more to life then this
I REGRET: Being such a Introvert
I AM NOT: A good person
I DANCE: I don't, unless I'm drunk to the point of alchohol posio ning
I SING: songs from the set list of my imaginary lounge act.
I CRY: At night, when noone knows.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Trusting and charitable
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: A distraction from my private life
I WRITE: Whenever I can, and then some
I CONFUSE: Interstate and Intrastate

chris pez said...

I AM: all and nothing.
I WANT: sooooo much.
I WISH: for a job that, you know, i *like*.
I HATE: trechery and ignorance.
I MISS: everyone i never said goodbye to.
I FEAR: dying alone and my kids growing up to hate me.
I HEAR: birds, right at this moment.
I WONDER: if i'll actually be able to attain the lifestyle i've envisioned for myself.
I REGRET: not saying goodbye when i had the chance.
I AM NOT: who you want me to be.
I DANCE: not at all.
I SING: quietly.
I CRY: never in the present tense.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as ethical as i want to be.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: pretty(?) music.
I WRITE: not nearly enough.
I CONFUSE: lust and love.

on that note, the visitation is mere days away. i shall be in touch with the particulars post-haste as soon as my better half knows what's up.