Thursday, November 02, 2006

Time Wasting

Should be hightailing it to school right now to wrap up any one of several obligations, but fuck 'em. I did ten hours of client work yesterday and I'm not even getting paid. Below, for your apathetic pleasure, yet one more MySpace survey.


1. You're Infected. Your Top 8 has the cure. One must die. Who goes?
I don't even know 8 people. Oh, you mean on MySpace - probably one of the guys I've listed as a "friend" whom I don't even know.

2. What MySpace friend knows the REAL you best?
What is real?

3.Describe a typical Sunday for you:
Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, laundry, lots of cooking, a movie in the evening.

4. Any odd routines you follow when you wake up?
Odd? I find waking up pretty odd.

5. If alcohol was banned worldwide, what would your reaction be?
"Yeah, like that worked really well last time they tried it."

6. When was the last time you cried?
Prolly within the last week.

7. Your CD collection is going to be repossessed. You may keep one.
Take them all - don't need them.

8. Do you believe world peace is possible?
I often think the impossible is possible. But the way I envision the impossible happening never looks how others might imagine. Yes, world peace is possible, but only within communities of 150 or less, and community by community. If the world ever broke itself down that way, and every community committed itself to finding peace among its own, then yes, world peace is possible. Will world peace ever happen on a global scale, across international borders, among communities of the sizes that now exist? Prolly not.

9. I'm a genie. Name your wish. (Money and Love cannot be granted).
To dissolve my own blocks to personal happiness. Basically, I'd like to learn how to stand up and say, "No."

10. Name one thing about the OPPOSITE sex that automatically turns you off.
Willful blindness

11. Name one thing about the SAME sex that automatically turns you off.
Willful blindness

12. Speaking of SAME sex, what do you think of Brokeback Mountain?
A poignant statement about the world's inability to allow people to be themselves.

13. What popular phrase do you find to be incredibly annoying?
Nothing out there is nearly as annoying as this question. Just point out to me how out of the loop I am why doncha?

14. Where are you?
My New York apartment.

15. Leatherface is in the kitchen. Will you fight to victory, or hide?
How 'bout shoot him with the tranquilizer gun I just happen to keep under the sink *ahem* and then call the guys with the white coats?

16. Do you feel that people underestimate you?
I feel people overestimate me.

17. When you're in a bad mood, what will always put you in a better mood?
Blogging usually.

18. Honestly, do you talk about MySpace in real life?

19. Have you met someone online in person?
Yes, lots of people, but not anymore.

20. When it comes to cybersex, are you game?

21. Do you believe minimum wage should be raised?
I think corporations should be democratized. If they were, we wouldn't have to worry about a minimum wage.

22. If someone at a bar gives you "the look" how do you respond to it?
Laugh. Whose he kidding?

23. Desperation happens. Do you take advantage of desperate people?

24. Pretend you're 15 deep in beers. Describe what you would be doing now?

25. Does everyone in your life know the real you?
See 2., above.

26. What is something you're afraid of?
Inadvertently letting someone down.

27. Pretend you took a hit out of a bong. Describe what you would be doing now?
If I were smoking weed, I'd be unable to do anything, much less describe it.

28. Have you ever had a beer bong?
Tried one once when I was 18; couldn't keep it down.

29. You have two weeks to live. Would you tell anyone?
I'd probably blog about it.

30. Do you deny people from friend request and why?
No one ever asks anymore. I don't check into MySpace enough to be popular. And I'm weeping into my tea over it.

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