Saturday, December 02, 2006

Approx. Aug. 2003 - first ever post

December is "Best of" Month - Introduction


Frankly, I think it makes perfect sense for us humans to simply destroy ourselves, wipe the planet clean of our mess and start over. Maybe next time, the Native Americans, who live for the 7th generation, will win out over the Europeans and Americans, who live for....what? I still haven’t figured it out. It’s not such a horrific thought if you consider the age of our planet and how it has already survived the human race destroying itself many times over. If you stand back far enough – take a look at a big enough picture – humans are insignificant. We have time to start over, to learn, to eventually get it right. It just means accepting the potential deaths of our loved ones, our cultures, ourselves. Oh but wait, we’re all gonna die anyway aren’t we? So how is what I’m proposing any different an ending?

To fix the crises human beings have created, it will take a universal movement of each and every single one of us taking personal responsibility for changing ourselves. Because every single existing institution – government, religion, science, etc. – is manned by humans who are tainted with the pain, erroneous thinking, and hopelessness that is insidious in civilization. It’s like building a house. If all the bricks are removed and replaced by soapstone, granite, twigs - anything – then the house itself changes. As an aside, there are certainly plenty of good things about civilization worth saving: art, charity, toys, chocolate cake. But those aren’t what's causing wars, and I am certain that we will find them again when we rebuild.

I am not a savvy political thinker. I have no recommendations for how the human race can do this - force a universal change in our fundamental understanding of what it means to be human and how to treat each other – but I know for certain that until it happens, nothing but nothing will stop our current course towards complete annihilation. Not in our lifetime but in the not-so-distant future, New York City will be uncovered in an archeological dig similar to those that uncovered the Mayan ruins, the Egyptian pyramids and, some say, the lost city of Atlantis. Who cares who’s to blame at that point? Osama bin Laden or Bush or Clinton or the Israelis – what the fuck will it matter by then?

This is simple thinking, maybe, but it is the only thinking that I believe will bring about real and permanent change. Everything else is a band-aid slapped over a wound that needs antibiotics.

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