Thursday, February 08, 2007


A friend recently made a mix cd for me and my husband. I thought there might have been a theme to the mix, but if so, I haven't yet discovered it. Instead, I have taken a random sampling of lyrics from the cd, and made a found object poem for your consternation. Or, alarming amazement or dread that results in utter confusion. Enjoy!


New Slang

Sitting at the edge of the sea wishing you were here by me. You look like my mother did when she was 19 – not afraid to die. She makes every day a new adventure in interpretation. She opens my good fortune. That’s why everything is better in bed.

In this world where we are, who can say what’s going too far? I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. Shame on your wicked schemes. God only knows what for. You can’t buy what you can’t find. You can’t even tell me where you’ve been. Waiting under the waves.

The last job you pulled wasn’t big enough. It’s a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Maybe 20 years in state will change your mind. You punch out the windows. Baby, I’ll slash all the tires. Burn your tvs in your yard. Warm your hands upon the fire and start again.

‘Cause diamonds they fade. And flowers they bloom. But I’m telling you, these feelings won’t go away. They’ve been knocking me sideways. I keep thinking in a moment that time will take them away. Well slow gin fizz works mighty fast when you drink it by the pitcher and not by the glass.

Take your cautionary tales and all the syncophantic games and throw them all away. The enemy is within. Don’t confuse me with him. Got a foot in the door. I’ve sucked the milk out of a thousand cows. Now I’m filled with pharmaceuticals right down to my cuticles. Had to leave myself behind. I’ll say this. I don’t give a damn about your dreams. We’d hit the bottom. I thought it was my fault. I’ve already confessed. I don’t need to confess again.

Take me in and dry the rain.


Frankenstein said...

The next mix CD I make for you will consist of songs entirely in non-English languages.

Husher7242 said...

Nice Daily Show reference.

Sometimes a mix is a snapshot in the mix-ee's life. Then again, sometimes a mix is just a mix. But dang, this post put a smile on my face.

andrew said...


This makes me want to create a random playlist just to see what can be done with the lyrics. It could be like an intellectual parlor game/blog meme.