Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

If I channel surf to find only Home Alone (any variation), Bourne Identity, Ice Age or Prancer playing on all the movie channels - AGAIN! - I’m gonna scream.

My beloved Mac G-4 died this morning. It makes a car-gear-like grinding noise when I try to start it - you know, like when you try to shift gears on a manual and miss. And after mucho minutes twirling spikes in a circle, up pops a folder icon with the Finder logo trading flashes with a question mark. I take that logo to mean that my OS is somehow corrupted and I need to re-install. I would re-install except that there’s a DVD stuck inside the drive, a kool one too - I’m Your Man, a documentary about Leonard Cohen. So re-installing is out of the question. And no, it’s not the DVD that’s making that terrible grinding noise. That was happening before I inserted the DVD. Besides, the noise is coming from the battery side of the box, not the DVD side of the box. I’m not brave enough to open up anything more than the battery port and the memory port. As far as I can tell, nothing’s out of whack in those two places.

Sigh. It’s been a good machine for five years. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and take it to the Apple shop and cross my fingers that it can be saved. And while I’m at it, get an OS upgrade, if it’s not too old. The timing sucks as Christmas has left us cash strapped. Blah.

Dan is performing tonight and again tomorrow morning. I’m off work and will spend the day baking, by special request, my first ever red-velvet cake. When Dan gets home, we’ll put pizzas in the oven – after Thanksgiving and all the Christmas baking I’ve been doing, I’m too burned out to cook again – and then open gifts. Who knows after that. No new snow is predicted over the next few days. Back to ghost-town work on Friday – I kind of enjoy working when no one else is around. It’s stressless and I get a lot done when I don’t have everyone shoving “emergencies” my way. How much of what people shove at you are emergencies anyway? Honestly, nothing that crosses my desk would cause death, destruction or even mayhem if left undone. Such drama. So, though I’ll be at work on Friday, it’ll probably feel like a seamless beginning to the weekend.

So, bitch slap that seasonal affective disorder to the curb and count all your blessings, yo, ‘cause we all have them, no matter who you are, no matter how broke, how lonely, how sick, there is something good somewhere going on in your life. Look at it, embrace it, warm yourself with it, even if just for this one day out of the year. Live in a little denial and fuck the rest of it. At least for 24 hours, believe that nothing but good exists in your world. Even if you read this and roll your eyes, think for a minute. Even if you have to work at it a little bit, isn’t it better to explode into the New Year than piss and moan your way into it?

Well, okay, piss and moan if you want, but don’t blame the rest of us if pissing and moaning is all you get out of 2009. I mean, if that’s the way you start out…

I, however, will hear none of it, at least until January. I mean, Daniel Craig was just on tv without a shirt. And Ghost Hunters airs later tonight. Things are looking up. Have a happy ya’ll.

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Husher7242 said...

I will light a candle for the loss of your computer. I still can't talk about the loss of my first iMac. Too soon. … it's just … too soon.

I hope you have a great new year. I'll see you and Dan in Mass. before you know it.