Friday, October 20, 2006

Now, Where Was I?

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be keeping a daily journal for my Civil Disobedience class. Nothing has been further from my mind. Professor Ghandi took a week off for his son's wedding. So last week, we had a guest professor and a new, additional reading packet. I like the guest professor, but took that day off to complete urgent client work. Since the class is only once a week, missing a class makes it seem like a semester ago since I last attended. And my system is beginning to short circuit from all my client work - I lose my train of thought easily, I have difficulty making logical connections, and I miss my husband something awful. On the upside, I have a nibble at an internship, in Boston, for corporate citizenship work. Keep your fingers crossed.

But back to civil disobedience, I have thought some about the paper I want to do for my final. It has to do with spirituality and civil disobedience: when do spiritual doctrines justify disobedience - how far can the disobedience go? Of course, I'm nowhere near the sociologist or theologian I need to be to write a paper that draws any conclusions. I suppose the best I can do is a survey of certain important movements/leaders - Martin Luther King Jr & civil rights; Ghandi & Indian sovereignty; Bonhoeffer & assasinations against Hitler; and Kevorkian & assisted suicide - and see if I can later draw any conclusions after I've explored whether those situations were indeed acts of civil diobedience and whether the disobedients were motivated by spiritual doctrine. I'm assuming up front that, by the end, I'm not going to have anything remotely close to publishable. I couldn't possibly - I don't know enough and I won't know enough by December, and the topic is extremely broad. But at the very least it should be interesting. And that's where I started out when I elected to take this class.

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