Tuesday, November 28, 2006


By the end of this week, I will have turned in three papers and begun researching my civil disobedience paper in earnest. Can you see the blood dripping from my ears? My brain hurts. And I’ve pretty much given up on all my other schoolwork, except for client related work. Knock on wood, that’s been quiet for about a week. Though in another week, I have my next court appearance for one client, and I’ve requested a new hearing for a returning client. Ya, that shit’s gotta end.

Thanksgiving was good. I cooked my first ever full-on Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and stuffing and gravy and everything. Then I didn’t cook for the next four days. Well, except breakfast – French toast, pancakes, omelets, etc. I am sad to now be returning to New York. My return is a day later than it’s supposed to be, because I do not want to return to class. I do not want to see classmates and get all caught up in school drama. I just want to hole up and finish off these papers and do research.

In fact, I just want to hole up. It happens to me every winter, the need to hibernate. To crawl under some large quilt with my feet wrapped in fleece, drinking warm liquids all day long – tea and coffee and broth – and watch TV and write and read. Whatever I want. With no obligations to anyone other than my own whims. It seems about the only time I get to do all that is when I’m sick. Which is what I was last weekend – with the flu. Kids, don’t get the flu this year. It’s horrible. I haven’t had the flu in years, so this year’s is particularly kick-ass. I was throwing up and out of commission for about three days, and my energy is still slowly, coming back. There was no way I was escaping it this year since my husband and one of my roommates got it. I was cornered. Anyway, when I talk about hibernating, I’m talking about all those things you do when you’re sick, only doing them even when you’re not sick. You get the picture.

I will have a handful of days in which to do that. The semester ends Dec. 7th, then there’s two weeks of exams, most of which I will spend in Boston studying and writing. I have one sit-in exam and two papers, that I will be redrafting for the end of the exam period, which is Dec. 22nd. Then I’ll have three days before I bring the hubby home to meet my family in Oregon. Can you guess what I’ll be doing for those three days?


Frankenstein said...

I'm guessing it's going to involve sleep.

chris pez said...

hey now! when did the wedding happen??? SNEAK ATTACK!!

keeping a bed warm for you two in dec.