Friday, November 17, 2006


What a week. I'd like to stay home today and recuperate because I feel a cold coming on. However, my school nominated me to attend a women's leadership conference in Manhattan. It's an honor to be nominated, so I feel I shouldn't blow it off. Besides, there's an afternoon sesson on ethics in business, which I hope to make my area of expertise. So, despite being on antibiotics and underslept and gargling saltwater and popping Air Borne, I will dress up and get out there and network network network - WOO HOO!

In other news, I have a session scheduled with Professor Ghandi to discuss my civil disobedience paper, as it stands so far. Wish me luck. I don't know if the whole "writing a journal" thing has been working, especially considering I have not read much in the current reading package on slavery. No, I take that back. The writing has helped - my position on what we've read this semester is actually pretty clear to me. My insecurity stems from my aversion to writing objective analysis of other people's theories. I feel that the best I can do is write my subjective opinion, formed by comparing my experiences against those other theories. So that's what I write. My trouble lies in believing that what I write carries any weight whatsoever. I mean, who am I? Why should anyone care what I think about the social contract, positivist law, or whether or not there are any justifications for civil disobedience? Because I don't yet have any cred, I presssure myself to super support my assertions with work by those who have cred, or else, in the absence of other authority, to walk readers through an air-tight rationalization of my assertions. And who has the damn patience to do that??!! I know, it could just all be part and parcel of my own issues with arrogance and humility. But hey, this is the journey.

So here's a question for all you blurkers out there - should I take my school's Bar prep course for four credits next semester, or should I take two two-credit classes that are being taught by a visiting professor that sound much more interesting to me: Law and Psychology, and Critical Legal Studies? Everybody at my school freaks out about taking the Bar because the school traditionally has a low Bar-passage rate (except last year we pulled up to the state's average). This isn't because of the quality of the education, but because my school offers and emphasizes non-traditional classes. The school I attended in my first year had an incredible Bar passage rate, but students were required to take Bar classes well into their second year. Man! That would have killed me. I'm already registered for a couple of Bar prep courses and I'm not certain that an additional Bar prep course is going to help me do any better. Additionally, after all the agita I've been through with law school, I'd like to spend my last semester studying stuff that I'd enjoy. Plus, the two classes I'm interested in don't have a final exam, which would free me up to start my Bar prep courses on time, as our exam period overlaps with the Bar prep schedule. But I don't know. Maybe I should be worried about the Bar. I mean, what's the point of everything I went through with law school if I don't pass the Bar? On the other hand, who says I have to pass the Bar the first time around?

What do you all think?

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