Thursday, August 09, 2007

In Full Swing

Job hunting that is. Has anyone ever gotten a job through an online job board? I tell myself it's a waste of time, and I do so easily enough as the last ten years of my professional career were all linked by personal referrals (even my first temp agency application was through a personal referral). But then, I remember many many years ago, when I was working in the marketing department of a national life insurance company, we hired the new director for our New Jersey office, at a six figure salary, off his resume on So it's not impossible I suppose. I just wonder if it's possible for someone like myself, who isn't interested in creating 10 billion versions of my resume, to be hired in such a manner. All traditional job searching advice warns us to market, market, market ourselves! As such, it takes a tremendous amount of faith to believe that if I just tell the truth, that the right job - the one that wants, not the super-polished marketed me, but the actual me (as that's the one who's actually going to show up every morning) - that that job will find me. 'Cause that super-marketed me? The one that's always selling herself? She's actually a pain in the ass to work with. And you already know someone like that don't you?

And I suppose what I really want is to find the employer with a little imagination who knows this as well as I do. I mean, what's the point of everything I went through the past four years if I don't get the job that is absolutely fulfilling to me? Because, hey, I didn't need to get another degree in order to get a job I hate.

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chris pez said...

feh. tell me about it. six months of looking and nary a bite. i'm so glad i went to college.