Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm brain dead. Too much organizing, planning, emailing of resumes and making new contacts. I do have an interview on Friday (tomorrow), but for a temp job. Nothing exciting, except for the thought of having a reason to get out of the house on a schedule. Funny, when I can't stay home, I want to. When I can, I can't wait to get out again. Well, not really. It's been nice. Harsh during the period while I was studying, but in the three weeks since that period ended, staying home has been pretty nice. I think three weeks is about my housebound limit, however.

I don't miss New York at all. It's amazing to me that perhaps five or six years ago, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I guess it's like being an artist - if you can imagine doing anything else, do it. And if you can imagine living anywhere other than New York City, live there. I have to say, three floors of house have been overwhelming to organize, after 18 years of living in studio apartments. I've made a substantial foray, but am now over all the initial panic to get it done now, today, immediately. Dan keeps telling me that I have time to put everything away, that it's not going anywhere. And he's right.

Basically all I could tell you about right now is television, but I won't. Except to say that Saving Grace is pretty interesting, and I'm totally glued in to Design Star. Thank God glitter Josh didn't get axed last Sunday! Oh, and am rubbernecking Flipping Out like it's a car crash (Jeff reminds me of some people I used to know).

So, TV, decorating, and emailing resumes. Bored yet? Before you answer, I have to mention that last Saturday afternoon, I actually sat on a beach reading trashy magazines and breathing in the view of sailboats and calm, sunny, blue ocean. I think it was the first time, in four years, that I've done anything remotely lazy without the pressure of..., well, so many things, hanging over me, ruining my calm. Last Saturday. For the first time in four years. I didn't know I had it in me anymore to be bored. Bored now? Yes. Thank you God!


chris pez said...

where at the last point i was on the same page as you now, with this post, i'm working 70 hours a week and sooooo jealous that you got to sit on the beach and read for pleasure.

i'm sure as a burgeoning lawyer you'll soon be joining me in the "not enough hours in the day" field. but you'll be making a lot more cash which means instead of us flying out there anytime soon you and mr. d. will have to fly out here again sometime soon.

Belle Ambrose said...

Define a lot more cash. You'd be surprised how little public interest attorneys are paid.

chris pez said...

certainly not less than restaurant managers at a start up!!!

if you are making less than double what i'm making now you still wouldn't be cracking $20/hr. and you'd be a lot less sweaty at the end of the day.

possibly less sweaty that is.

chris pez said...

that should be "if you are making double what i'm making".

today was a 10.5 hour day. brian. tired.