Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Insert Really Great Title Here

I get these random thoughts during the day. And every so often, I'll think "that'd make a great title for a post." But none of them are coming now; so I'll let you provide one. Name this post whatever you see fit.

Managing change is never an easy task. And, as you can see by the dearth of interesting posts on this site, managing the monumental changes in my life has superceded my creative side. I've been thinking about, trying to isolate the reason why, I've not been able to sit down on a semi-regular basis and write these days. The closest I get to the cause, is the fact that not only has my single life changed, but that my life is itself no longer single. The most difficult change (practically) has been to integrate my life with another's and still keep it looking like my own.

Of course you know what I'm talking about. Everyone who's ever had a relationship that extended, however minutely, beyond semi-regular, midnight booty calling has struggled with and complained about this problem.

For instance, most of my writing used to happen in the morning, before I left my house for the day. Now, my husband and I wake up together, make breakfast, listen to the news, fight over what time we should leave for the subway. Sounds nice doesn't it? Except that I don't sit down to write. And too much absence from this blog, and I begin to forget who I am. So what (or who) the hell am I bringing to the marriage if I don't know who I am? Not a comfortable place to be, and the crevice, I suspect, of the slippery slope that is the demise of many relationships.

"So stop yer bitchin' and just close your door and write already. What a whiny post."

Yeah, it's not that easy. I don't know why yet, but it's not.


Husher7242 said...

Balancing my Gemini

Belle Ambrose said...

Very nice title.