Friday, September 07, 2007

Random Thoughts from the Wandering Lawyer

1. Islam is the new punk rock.

2. Faith is essential in free will. Patterns from our childhood govern our beliefs which, in turn, govern our actions. Free will means making a conscious choice among foreseeable options (rather than having our choices dictated to us by unconscious patterns). Therefore, in order to exercise free will, one's mind must be conscious enough to recognize that options exist, that we have many more choices than we are capable of recognizing or are willing to exercise because our childhood beliefs limit our ability to either see or accept them. Which means, in turn, that to exercise free will, to make a conscious choice, we must have the ability to have faith, the ability to believe in something for which no proof exists. We must be able to believe that our choice will resolve as we intend regardless that no proof exists to support our desired outcome. So the random thought is this: isn't it funny how many people will reject faith because, they claim, it is antithetical to free will? I will expound on this random thought in another post.

3. Snail mailing hand-written Thank-you cards build a great deal of good will.

4. I must must must clean and organize my office. I'm stalled in rewriting my corporate ethics article, which is arguably the most valuable piece in my job search, because I have no place in which to set my materials before me and organize my thoughts. Why have I been procrastinating on this? A question to be answered, perhaps, in the next random thoughts segment.

5. Got my J.D. in the mail last week. I have always found getting a degree in the mail to be anti-climactic. All I see after I open up that tube is a really, really expensive piece of paper. Feh.

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Husher7242 said...

Whatever– that piece of paper freaking rocks. No, check that. It's beyond freaking rocks. It fucking rocks. As do you.