Friday, November 30, 2007

It's the End of the World

1. In a news report over the radio about some oil drums catching fire, the first piece of information reported was that the fire would affect gas prices. The second piece of information was that two people died in the blaze. This was a headline piece, aired every half hour that morning. The order of importance of each piece of information never changed.

2. I usually love Kathy Griffin because she is outrageous, but I was disappointed by her latest Bravo special. It was boring as sin, mostly because she talked about herself and how she responded to the celebrities she runs across rather than talking about the celebrities and the wacky, fucked-up things that they do. Maybe it was the recent Emmy speaking, but all I know is that someone finally got to her. She's not watering down her act on her own. I guess this qualifies for this list because I thought of all people, Kathy Griffin would be the last to succumb to Hollywood establishment.

3. It took 17 years of living in New York before a member of my family finally came to visit me there. I've been in New England approximately six months and already, my sister and nephews are visiting. What the fuh?!!

4. And finally - today I was made I an official card-carrying member of the Massachusetts Bar. You can now legally sue me for malpractice. At one point in my life, I would have said that I didn't want to be a member of any Bar that would have me. But after having met a few of my fellow admittees, I'm sorry to be a member of a Bar that would have them. In my defense, I have to remind you that I've come a long way from the time when I was happy to be admitted to any bar (note that that last is spelled with a small "b").

All the above is pretty clear evidence that the end is nigh.

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Husher7242 said...

And yet, I feel fine. Congrats on passing the bar. Now pass da mic in celebration.