Thursday, November 06, 2008

It just never ends

Perhaps I was naive - Hindsight frequently reveals that I am. I'm beginning to think that I'm like Michael Crichton - that I pursued a graduate degree in order to have something to write about. What makes me naive is that, considering the number of attorneys who are deeply dissatisfied with their jobs, I still went to law school for professional happiness. First, I did feel that I met my intellectual match in law school. But then the professional realm is very different. More on that later. For now, things are cuckoo crazy busy at my job. And there is no end in sight. I'm getting fat and I'm going insane because any personal time I have in which to exercise or write is spent recuperating from insanely long hours and unnecessary wackiness at my job (some of it caused by dysfunctional processes, some of it caused by nutjob co-workers). Well, I also spend some of that time drinking with compatriots - generally not other attorneys - who are similarly psychologically inclined. That adds calories to the waistline as well.

I mean even now, as I'm writing this, in the back of my mind is a voice chastising me for not using this time to do some work instead. I'd like to stab that voice.

I work in financial services, and the grim joke on the floor is that busyness ensures job security. I internally roll my eyes every time someone cracks that joke. I *don't care* about hanging onto a job that isn't the right fit for me, or working with crazy people. Unfortunately, the current state of the economy and the burden of education loans greatly restrict my mobility.

They say that every obstacle is a spiritual opportunity. So I'm still struggling to solve this obstacle. Unfortunately, this situation doesn't allow for much interesting reading on this site. Once it does, then we'll know that the "obstacle" has been dissolved.

Oh yeah, go Obama!

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